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aka Lee, Leen, Gard ect

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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on May 28
  • My occupation is Job Hunter
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  • Leengard Ustan

    A heads up for those who have any questions for me

    My usual computer, which is my laptop, has been acting up on me and not letting me properly access any of the wikis that I am active on the way I normally do, so until that is figured out (which may just be that damned random bug that affects some wiki users every now and again) my activity will be even spottier than usual

    sorry for any inconviniences this may cause anyone

    Problem has been solved, this blog is no longer necessary and can now be ignored

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  • Leengard Ustan


    April 4, 2013 by Leengard Ustan

    I'm not yelling at anyone, or telling anyone they're wrong or anything like that

    this is just something to let everyone know how to get images up if they don't already know how to

    the code (minus the spaces) looks like this:

    [ [ File: image name.jpg | 250px ] ]

    now, of course you'll put the image's actual name, you'll put the proper file type (.jpg, .png etc) and the 250px effects the size (250 is my favored default size, but change that number as you feel is needed)

    the biggest issue I see from those of you who have come to me for help on this is that you're trying to use the image link provided by Photobucket

    there's nothing wrong with using photobucket for finding images, but the site doesn't play well with the codes we use here

    to remedy that…

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  • Leengard Ustan

    So Canta has some info for everyone to use to hopefully get this wiki up and moving faster. So read below:

    If you need to contact Cantalyssa extremely quickly and you have Teamspeak 3 (Downlaod here:   Link is at the top right)

    You can use this to join this servers IP adress :

    Once inside this server look for a person named "Loleznub" That's Cantalyssa!  If you don't have a microphone you can right click and "Poke" me with a message!  Or just hangout and we can chillput together ^^  Might as well have a good releationship with the few people that are here right?

    Canta believes if everyone is more activelly involved with Crown, Lee, and Canta, we will get thigns done q…

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  • Leengard Ustan

    For those who are unaware, we have a new admin here Cantalyssa who has a lot more information from Sword Art Online (the light novels) and has been working to make it easier for everyone to roleplay and to properly create their characters. 

    One major thing that Cantalyssa would like for us all to do is to redo all of our character's Statistics according to:


    Also, when everyone is prepared for Role Playing with their Players we have a forum specially dedicated to doing the RPs on, this site (the wiki) will be specifically for Player Profiles and General Information on NPCs, Locations, Items etc.

    To RP proceed to:

    once there, just make an account using your Username from this wiki to help us keep track of everyone

    if …

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