For those who are unaware, we have a new admin here Cantalyssa who has a lot more information from Sword Art Online (the light novels) and has been working to make it easier for everyone to roleplay and to properly create their characters. 

One major thing that Cantalyssa would like for us all to do is to redo all of our character's Statistics according to:


Also, when everyone is prepared for Role Playing with their Players we have a forum specially dedicated to doing the RPs on, this site (the wiki) will be specifically for Player Profiles and General Information on NPCs, Locations, Items etc.

To RP proceed to:

once there, just make an account using your Username from this wiki to help us keep track of everyone

if there are any more developements in the future that everyone needs to be made aware of I will make another blog

thanks for everyone's co-operation

Anyone who would like to help with adding pages/information/images etc. inquire here:

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