I'm not yelling at anyone, or telling anyone they're wrong or anything like that

this is just something to let everyone know how to get images up if they don't already know how to

the code (minus the spaces) looks like this:

[ [ File: image name.jpg | 250px ] ]

now, of course you'll put the image's actual name, you'll put the proper file type (.jpg, .png etc) and the 250px effects the size (250 is my favored default size, but change that number as you feel is needed)

the biggest issue I see from those of you who have come to me for help on this is that you're trying to use the image link provided by Photobucket

there's nothing wrong with using photobucket for finding images, but the site doesn't play well with the codes we use here

to remedy that, simply save the image to your desktop then upload it to the wiki (using the add photo option)

if you can't, for whatever reason, save images yourself, you can just simply send me the link to the image and I'll upload it for you (and I will change he image's name to that of the character that you want to use it for)

hopefully, this will help many of you in the future, if this help was needed of course

and remember, the games will begin soon! 

do your best to survive out there! Canta will be hunting

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