Thank you to Sillus for helping me create some weapons. Now, we can all look forward to weapons (in no specific order of rarity or power).

2h assault spears -

Trident, Pitch fork, Scythe, Shortened spear, Fauchard, Boar spear, Bamboo spear, Military fork, Military scythe, Spear, Light lance, Lance, Pike, Long spear, Red Tassel spear, War spear, Battle fork, Ranseur, Swiss halberd, Spetum, Awlpike, Double-sided lance, Corseque, Long Awlpike, Ashwood pike, Long Hafted blade, Heavy lance, English Bill, Glaive, Bec de Corbin, Poleaxe, German poleaxe, Elegant poleaxe

2h swords-

Practice longsword (Blunt), Shortened Military scythe, Bastard sword, Heavy Bastard sword, Longsword, War cleaver, Two Handed sword, Heavy Great sword, Great-sword, Highland claymore, Claymore, Sword of War, German greatsword, Danish greatsword, Flamberge

2h Axes-

Battle-axe, Shortened Voulge, War axe, Persian war axe, Bardiche, Persian Battle axe, Great-axe, Great Bardiche 

1h war hammers -

Wooden stick, Cudgel, Club, Hammer, Knobbed mace, Spiked mace, Flanged mace, Iron mace, Winged mace, Iberian mace, Spathovaklion, Military hammer, Warhammer

1h straight swords -

Falchion, Short Falchion, Short sword, Nordic sword, Sword, Soldier's cleaver, Short arming sword, Italian Falchion, Arabian Arming sword, Scottish sword, Military cleaver, Arming sword, War sword, Guard sword, Arabian Guard sword, Broad Short sword, Long Arming sword, Italian sword, Arabian Cavalry sword, Knightly Arming sword, Champion's sword, Spathion, Paramerion

1h Rapiers -

Italian rapier, Scottish rapier, Rapier, Grosse Messer, Langes Messer, Espada Eslovona, Side sword, Long Espada Eslovona

1h Daggers -

Practice dagger (Blunt), Sickle, Peasant knife, Knife, Cleaver, Dagger, Italian dagger, Long dagger, Khyber knife, Rondel dagger

1h curved -

Nomad sabre, Yanmaodao, Liuedao, Scimitar, Niuweidao, Wakizashi, Elite scimitar, Kukri

Throwing kits-

Throwing knives, Throwing daggers, 4-point shuriken, 6-point shurkien, Snowflake

Katana -

Dadao, Miaodao, Katana, Nodachi

Throwing Javelins -

Darts, War darts, Javelins, Throwing spears, Jarids, Throwing lance

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