Real Name

Felix Weiss Lucas


Future Guild Leader





Felix Weiss Lucas moved to Japan from Germany in order to work for a software company. He's a software designer, after all. It would figure that he'd like computers. That's how he got into MMO in general, working with all the other computer nerds like himself. He's pretty good at it, too. He's led some guilds in other MMO games, though never a VRMMO. Of course not a VRMMO, SAO is the first. He got the game because he wanted to be a leader in something as groundbreaking as the first virtual reality MMORPG. Sadly, none of his guildmates managed to snag a copy, so the famous WeissLuke was going it alone this time. After that first day, though, he was glad he was the only one of his friends stuck in the game. Ever the tactician, he took his knives and set out to gain enough strength and influence to get a guild going.


Felix was the analyst and leader for his old guild, Splitting Skulls. They were an unholy terror when they got out into the game in true organized force, and this man's smart thinking was a good part of the reason why. He's quick on his feet and he has a sense of self-confidence that manages not to push others down in order to lift himself up. He's good at training, if a little harsh on the student, so long as he himself is well educated in the subject matter. All in all, he's pretty good at what he likes to do, and he'll need that for this game.

Combat StyleEdit

Felix specializes in throwing knife sets, with a dagger skill. He does carry an actual dagger, but it's only for emergencies. He likes to keep his distance and strafe around his targets, and he's very accurate with his knives. If forced to melee, his tactics are usually hit-and-run. His strength is pretty abysmal, but his precision is tops.


Felix's typical throwing knives.

Dagger large01

Felix's dagger and its sheath.

          ==Theme Song==

Felix's theme is the song Step Up, a good reflection of his attitude during a fight.

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