The world of ALfheim Online is not like any other VRMMORPG game solely because of its unique style of playing. Magic and so many new things are included with creating this game. The world in which you inhabit is known as ALfheim or "Land of the Fairies". In this world, you are able to fly around and form alliances with armies of fairies each belonging to the nine races.

This world is vast and offers opportunity at every waking turn. Scaling mountains, beautiful green fields, and many other stunning locations are just waiting to be explored. So, let's get out there and start the Journey!

Fairy RacesEdit

Each of the nine fairy races is unique in their personalities, ways of living, and their fighting as well. The goal of every race in ALfheim is to succeed the others and reach the top of the World Tree; thereby being bestowed the honor of becoming Alfs by Oberon the Fairy King himself.

  1. Alfs
  2. Cait Sith
  3. Gnome
  4. Imp
  5. Leprechaun
  6. Navigation Pixies
  7. Pooka
  8. Salamander
  9. Spriggan
  10. Sylph
  11. Undine


Unlike SAO (Sword Art Online), ALO (ALfheim Online) uses the same Cardinal System but as a rebooted version. This version of the Cardinal System expands on the gameplay by pulling stories of Mythology from cultures from around the world, mixing them and rewriting them, then inputting them into the game. This method allows for an infinite, never-ending supply of quests to be generated as a result.


Locations in ALfheim are also generated based on the Cardinal System's writing of the quests included. The system generates the world to be vast and take a role in exploration and other activities.

All locations described in: ALfheim Locations

ALO Map ALfheim Map



All bosses can be found in: ALfheim Bosses

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