Yuuto  Kasamura grew up in the city of Toyama, Japan. He has both his Mother and Father plus an older sister named Chiyoko, and two younger twin brothers one named Hideki and the other named Masaru.  He had very little friends when he was growing up and they all eventually moved away except one girl named Aki Tsumoto; who later died of Pnuemonia
Yuuto Kasamura

Yuuto Kasamuro

when Yuuto was fourteen years old. Later during his freshman year at highschool Yuuto made friends with Juruo Nakasama. Yuuto and Juruo spent much time together until one day Juruo betrayed Yuuto's trust. Ever since Yuuto had kept his distance from others, isolating himself. He also started playingonline games more because they took him away from the pain he felt in the regular world. Once the Nerve Gear came out Yuuto got it immediatly hopeing it will take him further away from the real world.
When Argus began beta testing for Sword Art Online, yuuto immediatly signed up. He was accepted and during the beta testing Sword Art Online was the only true peace he got in life. Yuuto preordered the full game.But once he got in he realized that he couldn't log out. To him this seemed to finally be a permenant escape froom the real world. However he still has the habit of isolating himself. In Aincrad he spends his days fighting monsters and stocking up on items to either use later or to sell.

Player InfoEdit

User name: Yukato

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 10"

weight: around 119

build: small

Personality:He is a straight forward kind of person who will give you direct replies to questions (answers usually being only one word long). He limits his contact with other people usually, and it's very difficult to get him to open up and share his feelings... unless if you make him angry enough to the point where he punches your face in. He fears being betrayed really, which is why he is mostly a solo player. He gives most players a cold shoulder and only talks to them if he is selling something (or if they are in need of help). He doesn't really want to escape SAO because it was the only true escape from the real world which has given him so much pain. His remarks are usually sarcastic and he lacks people skills.

In game occupation: Beater/ solo player

Guild: N/A

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