Zephyrus is one of the two twin bosses that reside over the third floor of Castle Incrad. Zephyrus' appearance is that of a large dragon with black, scaly skin. His eyes glow a dark red and blue color.



Attacks Edit

Like any typical dragon, Zephyrus can launch large amounts of fire from its mouth. No special abilities sets him apart from his counterpart. However, Zephyrus is able to attack at a swifter pace than the other. Slashing moves and fire attacks are its primary attacks. A unique feature does balance both bosses out so that players are capable of handling both bosses at once. Teamwork is key to silencing them, though. Solo players will find it very difficult to manage two bosses.

Soul Bond Edit

Soul Bond is the Cardinal System at work to allow players to handle both bosses. This ability is designed so that both bosses attempt to protect each other and avoid taking damage as damage taken by either will also be inflicted on the other, too. In latent terms, any damage taken by Zephyrus will also be inflicted on its companion. This system is designed to balance both bosses and enable fair game for the players to kill both at once. However, the system does not balance the same amount of damage inflicted every time. While both will take damage, one might receive slightly more or less damage as a result. This feature is to allow at least one boss assurance of survival to continue fighting.

Power and Durability Edit

Zephyrus is known as the "Darkness Dragon" because of its scorched scales. Most of its power is through its size in comparison to players. For a boss such as Zephyrus, it will be difficult to fight with its counterpart aiding in protecting it from players' attacks. Fire breath, wind attacks from its wings, and body slams are effective attacks that Zephyrus can inflict on its opponents. Zephyrus is durable and capable of killing a large sum of players without worrying about losing stamina or strength. Its counterpart is also strong and capable of killing careless or unprepared players with ease.

Special Item Edit

Zephyrus drops a special item that appears completely useless for a reason.

Stone of Greed
Eye of Zephyrus
Vital statistics
Type Equipment
Effects None
Source Zephyrus
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

Stone of Greed Edit

The Stone of Greed is named because of the darkest of all feelings that people are capable of feeling. Greed is the darkest feeling and causes pain for many who become victims of it. This item is required for a special item to appear. It is one part of a two part system. The dark eye at the center of the item is taken from Zephyrus himself.

Appearance Edit

The Stone of Greed is a necklace with a tightly linked chain running through the small, metal loop on it. The gem with the eye inside it is a blood red and dark amber color. Dragon scales spike out from the center. The eye at the center is black with blue etching around the eye itself.

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